Chris Zukowski


     An Autodesk Maya script that helps to ease the pain of making pipes in maya. Before you'd have to mess with the lofting features along splines that create terrible geometry. What inspired the creation of the script was my frustration when working on a concave cylindrical object that needed a a ton of pipes on it. If you are interested, please watch the video below going over the basics of how the script works.

     Alright, if that video shows exactly what you needed then by all means skip to the bottom to download it. If you are interested at all on the advanced version of the script then go ahead and watch the next video.



Features List V2.14


Easy pipe creation and auto snapping.

Edit multiple pipes at the same time.

Adjustable real-time controls.

Automatic optimization of zPipes.

Quick settings to speed up pipe creation.

Automatic pipe cleanup on final pipes.

Layed out UV's for final pipes.

Works in Maya 2010 - 2018.

Works with all Maya scale settings.

Ability to swap in custom meshes.

Lots of added custom mesh quick tools.

All Purchases now go through Gumroad. Please check your email if you currently own zPipemaker for the latest update.

Lastly, here is the official EULA for zPipemaker.