Chris Zukowski

Army Game Studio: The Valley

    This is a geo-specific 12km x 12km map at 1 meter resolution. The actual location I am not allowed to say. Around 6km of it is actually populated with afghan style props and buildings. This was a huge project effort in which I handled setting up the landscape from Global Mapper to World Machine to Unreal Engine 4. Once it was in, I handled setting up the streaming sections in world composition and setup the material and LOD's. The material is weather reactive and has automatic cliff blending to help speed up the painting process. I extracted color values to approximate where sections of dirt, mud, grass, rock, and sand would be. To save on layers and textures, I setup what I call the Modifier layer. This layer controls a color blend between 2 colors per layer. This makes the variation much more realistic and helps ease the amount of layer overhead there is on the material. After the landscape was in, we needed a fast way to populate this region with 1000's of non-square unique buildings. I developed a building creator that allows for multiple point / convex / concave buildings. Once the pieces are loaded into it, you can make any shape you want. See the UE4 Tech Reel to see more of that madness. Overall, this project was extremely challenging to pull off in a 4 month time frame.